Chapter Application Notes

The National President and/or the Administrator will review the files, make suggestions for revisions, and notify you regarding changes or with questions concerning your application. You will make any necessary revisions and re-submit the completed materials. The finalized versions of your application and constitution will then be distributed by e-mail attachment to all Executive Board members by the Alpha Alpha Alpha office manager. The Tri-Alpha office manager will notify you upon approval of your chapter’s application for charter. Upon approval of your chapter, a Greek chapter name will be assigned to your chapter and a packet of basic materials for your first induction will be prepared. Upon payment of your application/chartering fee* and approval of your chapter’s charter, your materials will be shipped to a Chapter Advisor.

Individual membership fees for inductees are charged once by the national chapter; these result in lifetime membership. Each inductee receives a certificate of initiation and an Alpha Alpha Alpha pin. Local chapters are encouraged to offer graduation cords (described in the materials) to students upon graduation, as well as to faculty, staff, and honorary inductees. The local chapter may absorb the costs of these cords or may charge the graduates. Chapters may order an Alpha Alpha Alpha branded table cloth for induction ceremonies at an additional fee of $250. After the first year of existence for any chapter, a $100 annual fee, due to the national chapter by September 1 of each academic year.

Upon the chartering of a chapter, the national chapter provides the charter, induction script, and cords for the chapter advisors and officers to use during the induction ceremony. (Please note that one chapter registry is provided, with your chaptering fee; additional registries must be purchased by the local chapter.) Individuals who wish to be inducted must each complete an application to send to the chapter advisor for approval; once verified and approved, the chapter advisor will forward the names and contact information of approved inductees to the national office with the requisite induction fees ($15 per student member, $25 per faculty/staff/alumni inductee). Chapter and individual membership fees are subject to change.

The national office does accept applications for individual memberships. All applicants must be associated with a campus chapter.

For chapters within a short drive of the National Chapter (in Bethlehem, PA), a national officer will come to deliver the charter and attend the first induction. For chapters further away, the new chapter may request attendance of a national officer; travel expenses will be paid by the new chapter.

*Fee is a one-time fee of $500 for institutions with fewer than 10,000 FTE undergraduates; $1000 for institutions with 10,000 FTE or more undergraduates. Enrollments verified through IPEDS. Note that this chaptering fee may be paid over 2 years, at the request of the institution.

Students signing the chapter registry at the first-ever induction ceremony at Moravian College, March 24, 2018. Samples of the honor cords are hanging from the podium.