Tri-Alpha "swag"

We now have stickers for purchase! Stickers are $3 a piece, plus shipping. We recommend adding these in with another shipment (such as honor cords or induction materials) to combine shipping. However, small numbers can be sent using a standard letter-sized envelop.

Tablecloths for use at induction ceremonies are also available for purchase! We can change the color of the tablecloth at your request. Tablecloths ship to you directly from our vendor; the cost is $215, which includes shipping. [Due to rising costs from our vendors, the costs to our chapters starting July 1, 2022, and will be:

Table cloths $250 (includes shipping)
Table-top banners: $210 (includes shipping)
Floor (6 foot) banners: $340 (including shipping)

Until July 1, 2022, floor banners and smaller table-top banners are now available for purchase! The cost is $330 for the tall banners (which includes shipping) and $200 for table-top banners (which includes shipping).

Honor cords can be purchased through the national office, although you are not required to purchase through us. The baccalaureate-level honor cord is a double twisted cord, intertwining the colors blue and grey/silver. The associate's-level honor cord is a single twisted cord, intertwining the colors blue and grey/silver. The price is $15 per cord for baccalaureate cords or $10 per cord for associate's level cords, plus shipping. [NOTE: The price for baccalaureate cords will move to $17.50 per cord beginning July 1, 2022.]

To order materials, go to this page.